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My name is Aaron Smith and I’m a student at Middlebury College where I am studying Film and Media Culture and Psychology. I’ve also studied at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Currently, I’m a digital media tutor and supervisor in which I oversee the WIlson Media Lab. I imagine this summer will be extremely busy as students, faculty, and staff all seek support in a wide range of media projects. My other work experience includes interning at Maloof Productions, the 1 Second Film, and GoGooRoo.com.

As a side note, I guess I should also mention that I am an avid basketball fan/player and I’m looking forward to captaining the varsity Middlebury Basketball team this year.


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One Response to “About the Author”

  1. maira Says:

    Cheers From Brazil !

    Thanks for your great posts. Let’s keep in touch. I’m a Brazilia phd student who is passionate and actually researching/working with transmedia. My main project is trying to figure out how to use (develop, apply..) in a good way a transmedia storytelling with real community.
    Let talk about it. hu
    c u soon

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