Introducing Asmedia

Welcome to Asmedia, a blog about new technologies, the entertainment industry, and our changing culture in this digital age. While I plan to write about a broad range of media topics, I’ll mostly focus on a specific interest of mine: transmedia storytelling.

When I say transmedia storytelling (aka multiplatform, cross-media, or enhanced storytelling), I’m referring to what Henry Jenkins calls in Convergence Culture, “a story which unfolds across multiple media platforms, with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole.” (96)

I’ll elaborate extensively on this definition, but that is the basic idea. Next spring, I’ll be analyzing this type of storytelling when I officially begin work on my honors thesis. Rather than writing a critical essay however, I plan on creating my own multiplatform narrative. Thus, this blog primarily acts as a virtual workspace where I can present my ongoing research, as well as formulate, discuss, and develop creative ideas for the project.

Secondly, digital media and storytelling have always been a passion of mine. It’s about time I launched an academic blog where I can write informally and formally about narratives across media and connect with people who share that interest. So stay tuned….


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