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A Step in the Right Direction


Props to the MPAA. I was glad to read this article from Variety today, in which the Motion Picture Association of America is developing a one-stop website providing links to “purchasing theatrical tickets, buying or renting the DVD and legally downloading the pic.” This much needed Hub of everything movies gives a response to piraters who say, “I don’t know the difference between legal and illegal downloading sites” or “where else can I get online movies.” I hope the site will incorporate IMDB features, where users can rate, comment, and discuss each movie. It would also be a great asset for the site to link to related content in other media (the videogame, comic, novel) and related merchandise (I want my Wall-E stuffed…”robot?”!)

In addition to the MPAA’s site, Sony announced that they will be releasing their movies on their own distribution service BEFORE they are available on DVD. Good move from Sony, staying ahead in the game. All of this sounds very promising. Legitimizing digital distribution is a necessary adjustment in the digital age. The MPAA’s new site represents a shift from aiming to prevent online downloading and preserve their old business model, to respecting new consumers and striving to meet their needs. Instead of fighting our convergence culture, they are starting to embrace it. The movie business may not be headed down the same path as the music industry after all…